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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Transformer Tuesday... once a box, now...

After such lovely feedback on our posts; "the fun of a cardboard box" and then our "finger fun & another cardboard house" it is clear we have a lot of people out there who like recycling and crafting, transforming and making, using then re-using, so we thought what better than to make it a Tuesday feature, so may we present the opening of "Transformer Tuesday" brought to you by the Creative Corner at Cloud CuckOO; me and the mini1 and the mini-mini1.

We used:
-a box! (the body)
-patterned papers and fabrics (the decoration)
-glue (favourite gluppy glue)
-cardboard tube (the trunk)
-mini wooden rod/dowelling (twizzling twirling ears)
-extra card (for ears)
-paper, rolled and snipped (tail)

mini1 announced this is an elephant which is fab, I think with a little tweaking he could be a bird too, fantastic.

We've added to the recycle cardboard box theme this week and going forward we'll do more too, but we will also be transforming other has been things into new things.
Feel free to comment, send suggestions, even pics of your own transformations, would be lovely to hear from you

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