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Thursday, 25 August 2011

bags for the little ones...that mum can hold too!

With nursery and holiday planning of course the one accessory that is a must is 'the bag'.
Well this got me looking, and what treasures I found, ok most I have been longing to buy for quite awhile now, mostly those from fabulously beautiful French labels; 'Lale' and 'Bakker Made with Love'. Then there are the ones that kids love from a great kiddie brand 'SkipHop' and what is exciting is that they have new season additions including the fellows below.

Bakker Made with Love have these adorable satchels so when the little one says 'mum can you hold my bag please?' I'll say YES
They also have the stylish cases with simple aeroplane motif, fab colours.
SkipHop have elephant and fox new to join the animal pack! The kids love these, backpacks are always a sure winner with a little one and an animal on your back, cool.
Lale collection available from Smallable is just simply gorgeous, i needn't say more the fabrics speak for themselves along with the simplistic pleasing shapes, get me to France quick so I can be surrounded by beautiful things and oooohhh the purchases I have in mind.....

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