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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ready steady jubilee

Well I could not go the week without posting some of my favourite jubilee finds over at etsy, here are just a few from....

jane foster

Senor Picklesworth

Stacie Swift

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

transformer tuesday #16

who's behind the mask?

these super quick hand animal masks; 'miss kit' and 'miss hop' are a sample of some really fab ones we've got going, but i love the simplicity of these cut cardboard with simple pencil features.
When minimini1 woke later she opted for 'miss hop' and since then they've been have a heap of fun, with the added extra of sunshine!
Enjoy the day all and if you have some card, scissors and a pen(cil) make you're favourite hand held animal mask and remember we always love to see your creations :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

a dog, a stylish moose & a cap wearing owl

with any one of these pin beauties you'll add interest to your attire.



Owl with a cap

Find yours over at the Baubukas store front on Etsy. This family of young Lithuanian artists create these and other ceramics using a needle-decorated engobe technique which involves layers of colour that are scratched away offering a uniqueness to each piece.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Alain Grée

Turning on mr mac this morning I discovered some of my lovely pinner pals over on pinterest had pinned up work by the fabulous Alain Grée French author and illustrator.
As soon as I saw them I was smiling so I hope you're smiling too looking at the ones I've picked....

These next two images are actually jigsaw puzzles available to buy here

Alain's biography is a really lovely, inspiring and interesting read, learning about his career his passion for sailing and how he met his wife of 40 years.

My weekend is off to an inspiring colourful start now hope you enjoy yours too.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

rag cat on her way....

I am so excited about my recent purchase from ESZTERDArte, this gorgeous grey cat with her sweet embroidered face, white skirt and pompom accessory on her head is making her way from Hungary, near the river Danube. When she arrives we will name her and I'm sure be tempted into buying more from the talented Eszter.

Eszter Dobo has been inspired by textiles since her kindergarten years and her gorgeous creations of unique dolls and home decorations clearly shows this. All pieces are created from linen and cotton, part machine and hand made with beautiful details.
I'll be back following her arrival and share some pics of this delightful rag cat with some of her friends here waiting for her!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

books we love.....

I love our bookshelves, we can go travelling, take a fictional adventure, perform surgery and 'fix' animals! (those books aren't mine), satisfy our appetites with delicious recipes and in the real me sections be inspired and wear a smile by looking at design books, prints, patterns, illustrations and these latest editions......

'spot it again' delphine chedru
'a bit lost' chris haughton
'i want my hat back' jon klassen
'pride and prejudice' jennifer adams
'alice in wonderland' jennifer adams
'romeo & juliet' jennifer admas

detailed illustrations from:
'pride and prejudice' jennifer adams
'alice in wonderland' jennifer adams
'romeo & juliet' jennifer adams
please note illustrations by alison oliver

transformer tuesday #15

The last TT was some weeks back now, but I know how much you all like them so here we have one using a firm favourite of all the recycling materials..... a cardboard box.
Big thank you to Mini1 for doing most of this I just assisted with the cutting and threading of ribbon.

There are no step by step images as it speaks for itself and hoots too ;) but your list of tools are:
- a box (with all sides in tact and removed top and bottom
- sharp scissors
- gluppy glue
- paint
- papers / foils / other decoration
- pen
- ribbon for shoulder straps

.......beep beep, coming through!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

plic ploc wiz

When it comes to iphone apps for the mini1's I try to find ones that are educational and fun but also with good design and illustrations. I find toca boca has a great range and we have a whole iphone page of them i think, still the hair salon is a favourite - not quite sure how educational this one is but great illustrations and fun!
Well today I'm pretty happy with my new app find it's from plic, ploc, wiz.
There are 2 main areas of play; create and play. Create is fun as you can move the shapes around the screen, multiply them and erase them and build up to create your own illustrations. If you don't want to create then play and move and place the shapes as if you're having some sticker puzzle fun.
The simplistic illustrations in the gallery and those you can create are really sweet and the colour palette i like too, so we have a winner....my turn now!

Friday, 4 May 2012

flowers & butterflies

Good morning all, woohoo it's Friday and the start of a bank holiday weekend.
Although the weather folk say it will be cold I think the rain will be retiring for a few days and that may offer a chance for the butterflies to flutter by and flowers to bloom. So with this in mind here are a few more repeat prints following on from those that were posted last night. I'm loving the colour palette and simple cut out style, would love to see these on some gorgeous cotton voiles.....

Thursday, 3 May 2012

bunting & clouds

We put up bunting whatever the occasion, the thing is I don't always take down! so.....yes you've got it we have a lot of bunting about. The girls love it too, some traditional, some crafty and made by us.
Inspired by the bunting and the May weather here are some repeat patterns of bunting and to match the outdoors some cloud repeats too :)

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