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Friday, 20 April 2012

Looking for a house.....

Ok, so we're house viewing but not moving.
As some may know minimini1 is approaching her 2nd birthday! wow where has that gone? and I'm on the birthday present hunt, last year I believe I came good with this gift with thanks again to Sisters Guild and Molly-Meg.
This birthday is tricky, with a big sis just turned 4 we have lots that they share and rooms that sometimes feel full and what more could they want, well as with every girl there is room something so I thought it's never too early to start a little one interested in home decor and furnishing so what better than a garden house. I had thought of the whole adventure park thing as the garden would take it but the only problem is it is fairly a no go when it is really raining, at least by going down the house with swing or slide route you can still see them enjoying the outdoor whilst in!
Well show me the finds I hear you say, and please let them be less than four figures I hear hubby say!
Here we go and fab prices too :) from £259.99

fun playhouses

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

We all need a superhero....

mine has changed many times, my first superhero was 'Jake' he wore a red jumper and denim dungarees!
Mini1 and minimini1 have their own superhero's; dadda and hophop!
I'm now looking for a softie superhero gift, here are a few of my favourite finds, and I may well have found myself a new superhero......his name is Arthur! (sitting on a star cloud)

from the top...
des files et des gommettes

More softies and kiddie treats can be checked out over on our pinterest boards, be great to see you there x

Saturday, 14 April 2012

chop chop kiddies

I'm not sure if you're anything like me but I have things that match, thinks that mix match in a lovely eclectic way and then these bits that are the same but horribly different, I'm talking about the mish mash of kids cutlery we have accumulated over the past 4 years, and I'm guessing there will be more!
Well I'm thinking of taking this in hand and purchasing several sets for age 18 months plus and 3/4 piece sets so we can match and munch in a fashionably chop chop eat up style.

Here are some of my findings:
Eden Project £8

Gense's four piece animal set £40.99 at All Modern

Raacke at KidsModern has this simplistic three/four piece set 48-78 euros

Alessi Agli ordini, thermoplastic resin £11 

Japanese Funfam in bamboo and possibly my fave despite not really being able to buy several sets!!...table manners kiddies :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

ReD WhiTe BlUe

The mini1's have just had some dresses arrive sent from Nanna, they look so fresh and transitional reminding me that despite the temperature drop summer is really just around the corner.

The colours of the dresses; red, white and blue made me think of the jubilee party that will be taking place on our road and also that we'll be celebrating minimini1's 2nd birthday at the end of May.
This thought trail then led to birthday theme, last year for her 1st we had fun animals, great pops of multicolour and gorgeous hanging japanese paper balloons from Petra Boase.
This year I was thinking circus with the colour theme red white and blue, here are some fab finds (wow I do feel organised)

For the above get yourselves a shopping at Papermash, dotcomgifts, Pipii

I'll be continuing the red white blue, circus, jubilee, birthday hunt over the next few weeks so pop back if you have time it would be great to show you our finds x

Thank you trees

You probably already know how much I love wooden toys, vintage and modern wooden toys are simply fantastic and this morning I just couldn't wait to share these gorgeous wooden sets from the Etsy shopfront "Mielasiela", and thanks to my early morning pinning it was the wonderful Handmade Charlotte that brought these little sets to my attention.

Prices start at £7.73 (chickens) up to £22.52 for the bigger 6 piece set. 

I just love these as a little gift to me, or my little ones. I think we'll be filling a shopping basket soon :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

a happy cloudy day

We've been having a great time with clouds this week, mini1's imagination has been on a roll as we lay on our backs and looked up through the glass roof and picked out what all the clouds were, some I could see but others were true originals! Later when we were out along came some big black clouds and mini1 and mini2 and me all did our bestest blowing to move them on, I think it worked, because the black clouds went to give space to some fluffy white ones and then there are these really special ones I've picked out below....some of which Mr Postie will soon be knocking on our door with :)

Harvest Textiles


Sunday, 8 April 2012

hAppy eaSTer

Up a tree collecting carrots! walking a pompom tightrope, egg hunting or spending time with loved ones, whatever easter has lined up for you have a really jolly yummy fun one. xx

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