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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

chRistmas wiShes & joLLy craFting for 2014

May you all have a wonderful Christmas, laughter with family and friends, stockings filled with treats and inspired for many design delights and crafteries in 2014 xxxx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

HAppy aDveNt sUndAy 1sT

Hello and happy advent Sunday.
This post merrily follows on from the craftie posts we have been sharing.
My mini1's love opening doors and seeing pictures or chocolates but this year I have opted for a hide a gift and seek the bag kind of advent calendar instead.
The girls enjoyed the hunting and foraging and finding their striped bags of yellow and white with a bold pink dot and Dec 1 on it. 
Inside their treat bags were a hand made white ceramic hanging decoration, a paper heart with date on and joined together with best of British liberty print fabric. Yes I did slip into pink for the girls and blue for the boy and of course we couldn't forget a little choc and although I didn't make the chocs I did enjoy eating a few whilst making the decorations!
Happy advent my mini1's and to you too xx

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