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Sunday, 1 June 2014

HAPpY jUne....

With sunkissed pinks and soothing greens I'm ready for the sunny days of June.
Here are four fave picks to share 
Basket bag for beach home out or in..... available at molly-meg by Rose in April
Ice creams cosy ones (& cooling ones) .... by Colette Bream at her etsy store
Vintage heart sunnies.... Ebay
Rolling hills melamine picnic pieces .... by Anorak at anorakonline

Friday, 30 May 2014

aNother PaPer wOndeR....

Crafting with the mini1's is great and we have done such a lot this morning....
Paper flowers from straws, tissue and feathers
A dragon model
Head sparkle and the one we are sharing.....paper beads.
⚪️grab your painted papers; we used our splatter ones but any paper you like can be used
⚪️cut strips, we opted for the long pointy triangle shape
⚪️take your cocktail/skewer stick (with adult supervision) but watch those pointy ends
⚪️apply glue all therapy along, leaving a clean space at the widened to start the rolling process
⚪️roll roll roll
⚪️do as many as you fancy, can be addictive
⚪️pick your string, thread and add extra details if wished, we added self fluo ties.
⚪️wear, enjoy and make more for friends, family, pets! 


Thursday, 29 May 2014

bRing thE sUnShinE iN!

So we have had rain non stop for three days, usually I'm not too upset by this but hello clouds it's half term!
Well with the grey skies and don't get me wrong I love the colour grey but I'm yearning for some sunshine yellow and here are some finds that have helped and my mini1's love these too.....

Thankou to the fabulous online stores that stock and create these bright beautiful treats;
Donna Wilson
Tea and Kate
Lapin & me
Pippi and Jip

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

wOOdlanD fRienDs....

We have woodland dolls living in our home and then when we had a visit from the wonderful molly-meg at the weekend she brought us two more, mini1's and myself were very excited and we love them. So what have our new and old woodland friends been up to? .....
Well they've been popping up in different windows around the house checking out the views from each, where will they go next and will more come to join them? 
What this space!

These cutie's are reproductions of retro vintage dolls.  Sourced especially for Lapin & me in Japan. 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

chRistmas wiShes & joLLy craFting for 2014

May you all have a wonderful Christmas, laughter with family and friends, stockings filled with treats and inspired for many design delights and crafteries in 2014 xxxx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

HAppy aDveNt sUndAy 1sT

Hello and happy advent Sunday.
This post merrily follows on from the craftie posts we have been sharing.
My mini1's love opening doors and seeing pictures or chocolates but this year I have opted for a hide a gift and seek the bag kind of advent calendar instead.
The girls enjoyed the hunting and foraging and finding their striped bags of yellow and white with a bold pink dot and Dec 1 on it. 
Inside their treat bags were a hand made white ceramic hanging decoration, a paper heart with date on and joined together with best of British liberty print fabric. Yes I did slip into pink for the girls and blue for the boy and of course we couldn't forget a little choc and although I didn't make the chocs I did enjoy eating a few whilst making the decorations!
Happy advent my mini1's and to you too xx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

chRistMas cRaftEriE #2

With nativity costumes being made, rehearsals and more tipples being poured into the puds and cakes me and minimini1 took a break to get cRafTy!
Minimini1 loved the task if foraging and sorting all the 'just right' pompoms and then we got going and made lots and lots of Christmas cupcake toppers.

Minimini1 couldn't resist making one for wHiTe chRisTmaS mOuSe tOo....

Thursday, 14 November 2013

chRistMas cRaFtinG #1

We are sorry we didn't get to share our finds, designs and crafting capers during September and October inc Halloween but we got super duper busy.
Fear not we are sharing from our CuckoO craFterie nest Christmas makes and in plenty of time for you to do yours too.
Here is a snap shot of our angel, pipe leaner trees and recycle trees too xxx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What we're wearing Wednesday......week #10

Hello, feeling a little cooler as we enter the second week of September but not too cool to pop on the ankle grazers and take the pooch for a stroll...she made a lovely accessory too :*) 
I did later add a knit layer!


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What we're wearing Wednesday .........week#9

Okay so it's not officially the ninth week as we have missed a few, I said at the beginning this might happen and with summer hols and lots of adventures Wednesdays wardrobe got a little pushed out.
Back today though and here is my clobber for today.......

Plaited rolled knotted sleeve detail light marl grey tee top, with jungle palm and yellow flower floaty wrap skirt. I have gold strap sandals and big leaf hair piece to add a little roar.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What we're wearing Wednesday......week #8

Simple triangle bikini top with matching bottoms, accessory of the day was a straw shallow circular basket with leather handles filled with a mix of things throughout the day ranging from towels, drinks, clothing change to washing ! 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What we're wearing Wednesday ...... Week#7

Although I'm partial to wearing an apron just because I love them and I think they make a gorgeous addition as does a scarf, a neckpiece or fabulous bag, today my apron saw plenty of cleaning action!
I've decided to show it as the main item as it was worn all day, yes my home glistens! 

Fun chunky neckwear in the form of wooden beads were added as was one of my hand made birds.
Super light weight denim skinny jeans and pastel petrol pumps were added too!

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