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Friday, 30 May 2014

aNother PaPer wOndeR....

Crafting with the mini1's is great and we have done such a lot this morning....
Paper flowers from straws, tissue and feathers
A dragon model
Head sparkle and the one we are sharing.....paper beads.
⚪️grab your painted papers; we used our splatter ones but any paper you like can be used
⚪️cut strips, we opted for the long pointy triangle shape
⚪️take your cocktail/skewer stick (with adult supervision) but watch those pointy ends
⚪️apply glue all therapy along, leaving a clean space at the widened to start the rolling process
⚪️roll roll roll
⚪️do as many as you fancy, can be addictive
⚪️pick your string, thread and add extra details if wished, we added self fluo ties.
⚪️wear, enjoy and make more for friends, family, pets! 


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