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Sunday, 27 June 2010

an addition to our nest

sunny days, ice-creams, holidays, smiles and a new baby girl, Coco Agnes.
Coco is now one month old and happily enjoying her cloud cuckoo designs textiles!
From our first collection launched in 2008 she happily lies on one of the first playmats in the garden.
Organic laundry bags from our 2010 range are rapidly being filled by both girls and Coco has also enjoyed the blankets and vests :)
Our friends from Merryberry sent one of their adorable hats too.
Pics to be added very berry soon.......

Thursday, 20 May 2010

abbot and ellwood

googling for Lucy Casson and her gorgeous character pieces I came across abbot and ellwood, in the past I have purchased lots of their pins for gifts, but hey look at their larger pieces, simply divine,mmmmm can I have a gift to myself? .............
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