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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

chRistMas cRaftEriE #2

With nativity costumes being made, rehearsals and more tipples being poured into the puds and cakes me and minimini1 took a break to get cRafTy!
Minimini1 loved the task if foraging and sorting all the 'just right' pompoms and then we got going and made lots and lots of Christmas cupcake toppers.

Minimini1 couldn't resist making one for wHiTe chRisTmaS mOuSe tOo....

Thursday, 14 November 2013

chRistMas cRaFtinG #1

We are sorry we didn't get to share our finds, designs and crafting capers during September and October inc Halloween but we got super duper busy.
Fear not we are sharing from our CuckoO craFterie nest Christmas makes and in plenty of time for you to do yours too.
Here is a snap shot of our angel, pipe leaner trees and recycle trees too xxx

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