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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

new card range " tweet twoo tales"

The new range for 2009 was our TWEET TWOO TALES and since we've added in 5 notebook design I'm just inspired to keep on going with more products, anything you'd like to see just email us at info@cloudcuckoodesigns.com, we're not just thinking 2-d !!! get ready.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Kids Modern

What do have planned for Valentine weekend?? You'll LOVE Kids Modern, a great show for all the family or individuals who LOVE fabulous design. Hope to see you there. xxxx

Monday, 2 February 2009

cloud cuckOO snOw creations

I'm back, Maude just had a cat nap so took the opportunity to build 2 cloud cuckoo snow peeps, i think they fit in well with our Minnies Sewing Box characters and our new range "tweet twoo tales"
Hope to build more tomorrow, "let it snow let it snow let it snow"


An old fashioned winter wonderland. It has been many years since I last woke up to such a deep white covering. All the happy memories of sledging with my sister and my dad have been with me all morning, Maude is not of the age to appreciate it but nevertheless we had a fun outing this morning and here are some of the jolly snowmen we met along the way. I couldn't't resist a group photo of the chilly beings but some of my favourites too, check out 'Teeny Tiny' "snow Bunny' and only one I came across with a good old carrot nose. Maude and I will be making our snow family I hope later today or tomorrow.


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