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Friday, 2 November 2007

Paper & Peas Card Range

Here is "Bird Garden" JJ011
This range Paper & Peas is not yet on the website so at least you're not missing out with them here. Hope you like.
I'll get adding the other designs too. You can see "hello it's Sunny" JJ002 on an earlier post
These square cards have been very popular so today I'm testing this style out on canvas blocks.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Back to Blog

Apologies for those that look in, I've been away for some time, busy at it and I will share all with you later.
I am attempting to make a new years resolution 2 months early to blog more and build it into a Cloud Cuckoo Designs everyday job.
So what's been happening since i was last here; 2 trade shows, lots of prediction work and new designs. In between all that a few trips away - being inspired.
Less chat now and I'll get going with the finds and load some pics.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

still raining

i have been away as long as the rain has been here. lots has been going on, PULSE was super busy and I am now finalising the last 4 orders, these final orders include "draughty" the dog excluder and hand knitted vintage birds. one of the dogs can be seen in this pic, this one is not wearing his jacket though.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Trade show!!!!!!!!!!!

Another 2weeks i have been away!! Well I've been busy and now super busy. Set up show this coming Saturday at Earls Court ready for the trade show "Pulse". Finalised new order form last night and at the end of the week just gone I completed a brand new card range "Paper & Peas" The aim was to have Minnies Sewing Box range with 12 designs which was met and then I just got the urge to go with this new range which has been designing itself in my head for ages. Really happy I have and hope you all like it too only thing is now I have to get some textile making time in before Saturday - it'll be fine!
Anyhow take a peek at one of the designs from the "Paper & Pea" range this one's called "hello it's Sunny"

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Time & Liberty fabric

when i set to do something i like to dedicate real time to it, even when i'm doing a couple of things at a time. This blog world really needs time to be set aside to do an entry properly and enjoy it, hence me being away since the 27th april!!!! i've thought about it most days but never found the time to get round to actually doing a post.

well i have dedicated 10mins this morning and here i am.
Firstly big thanks to Samantha at Plump Pudding for adding me as a link and thanks to those of you who from that then commented onto my site. I will be adding links soon!!

Just wanted to share with you these Liberty fabric cuttings, interestingly they are from the classics range so happy to know that they'll still be there next season. I just love the colours and plan on making some neckpieces and adorning skirts with the fabrics as applique scenes. Cloud Cuckoo and I will be exhibiting at 'Pulse' Earls court 3-5 June so would be fab if I could get this quirky skirt sorted for then, I'll keep you posted.

Times up for now, have an appointment with 'Bernina"!!! Just finalising a brief from last week, new signage and logo for a Veterinary surgery, great project and fantastic that these Vets are open to a fun textile based logo, Will add this on too once finished.

Friday, 27 April 2007

ready for 'frocks & cabbages'

well all done now and ready for tomorrow. packed up my big going away rolly travel bag with stock for the market 'frocks & cabbages', it's a marylbone high st, opposite the conran shop so not a bad journey in for me in the morning. Chi Chi from 'casa copenhagen' will be there so a good catch up day and selling day (fingers crosssed). we did the market easter saturday too, but regulars said how quiet it was so we're feeling good about tomorrow.
i'm here again quite late i notice, but don't feel as tired tonight i did a fab 'spring pea soup' even if i do say so myself. loosely based around gordon ramseys recipe and it was so tasty (i'll add the pea soup recipe later)
now that all is packed up i'm ready to tuck myself in with one of the days highlights - the arrival of 'selvedge' i used to always buy it but i got lucky this year as friends organised a subscription. this one is gorgeous, i've had a quick flick and now i can here it calling. will let you know what i find interesting some time soon, but look at the cover..

Thursday, 26 April 2007

'kipper' and 'honey & pud'

i'm back again, so soon i know but i've just worked out how to load the picture so as promised here is 'kipper'.
i've also added 'honey & pud' this is one of ''cloud cuckoo' card designs taken from 'minnies sewing box' range, personally this is one of my favourites and is also uploaded onto the Pulse website, the trade show i'm getting ready for in june at earls court. well i'm going to call it a night now 11 o'clock and a liitle sleepy after my blog experience which has been pretty exciting.
goodnight and quirky dreams X

hi, i think i'm up and running?!

well here i am, a blog-girl, thought about doing this for a liitle while now, and when do I start? just before my bedtime, quite early i know but my cat as been somewhat restless and has been getting up with the birds, the cloud cuckoo bird however does not kick in until after a very good cup of 'monmouth' coffee. cloud cuckoo creations are always there mentaly but physically i need those special beans. (i'll tell you more about the beans later...)
the cat i mentioned well he's called 'kipper' and here he is - handsome feline don't you think?
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