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Friday, 27 April 2007

ready for 'frocks & cabbages'

well all done now and ready for tomorrow. packed up my big going away rolly travel bag with stock for the market 'frocks & cabbages', it's a marylbone high st, opposite the conran shop so not a bad journey in for me in the morning. Chi Chi from 'casa copenhagen' will be there so a good catch up day and selling day (fingers crosssed). we did the market easter saturday too, but regulars said how quiet it was so we're feeling good about tomorrow.
i'm here again quite late i notice, but don't feel as tired tonight i did a fab 'spring pea soup' even if i do say so myself. loosely based around gordon ramseys recipe and it was so tasty (i'll add the pea soup recipe later)
now that all is packed up i'm ready to tuck myself in with one of the days highlights - the arrival of 'selvedge' i used to always buy it but i got lucky this year as friends organised a subscription. this one is gorgeous, i've had a quick flick and now i can here it calling. will let you know what i find interesting some time soon, but look at the cover..


  1. That's a great name. Hope it went well!

  2. Hi Claire, Just popped over from Samantha's site, good luck with your blog, welcome to blogland! Can't wait to see some of your work x

  3. Hello and welcome from a fellow blogger - I followed the link from Samantha. I'm sure you;re going to have fun doing this. Good luck with Frocks and Cabbages. Love Kipper!
    Kim x

  4. I love hearing about adventures to fairs and shows (check out Samantha's Country Living experience - fantastic reading from the side-lines)so you must post all about it.


  5. Welcome to blogland I look forward to seeing some more of your designs. love kipper - great name for a cat.
    I have linked to you from my blog if that is ok.
    Take care,

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  7. Hi have a good day at the market, your goodies are very inspirational, and i very much like your website, i was telling my daughter about you earlier, she works on Borough Market, well done...


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