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Friday, 20 April 2012

Looking for a house.....

Ok, so we're house viewing but not moving.
As some may know minimini1 is approaching her 2nd birthday! wow where has that gone? and I'm on the birthday present hunt, last year I believe I came good with this gift with thanks again to Sisters Guild and Molly-Meg.
This birthday is tricky, with a big sis just turned 4 we have lots that they share and rooms that sometimes feel full and what more could they want, well as with every girl there is room something so I thought it's never too early to start a little one interested in home decor and furnishing so what better than a garden house. I had thought of the whole adventure park thing as the garden would take it but the only problem is it is fairly a no go when it is really raining, at least by going down the house with swing or slide route you can still see them enjoying the outdoor whilst in!
Well show me the finds I hear you say, and please let them be less than four figures I hear hubby say!
Here we go and fab prices too :) from £259.99

fun playhouses

1 comment:

  1. These are soo cute! I have been looking for play house with slide as we are moving somewhere with bigger garden so these are fab. Love the shape of the top one! Love your blog also :)


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