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Monday, 22 August 2011

transformer tuesday #2

Staying with our cardboard box transformations this week we have created our travelling cloud cuckoo puppet theatre, during the making and since it has become something of a hidey-hole / peek-a -boo for the mini-mini1, she just loves sneaking in and popping her head through the front.
We really have enjoyed putting this one together and using our cloud cuckoo crochet animal characters as the 'actors', and our prints for covering the box. We love the mix and match fun look.

We used:
-2 boxes! 1 large for the main part and smaller one cut and shaped for the 'lid'
-glue (favourite gluppy glue)
-patterned printed fabric, in our case cloud cuckoo printed organic cotton (for covering/decorating)
-extra card (cut out for wheels)
-characters; toys or puppets


Hope to see you again, 'next show at 2pm!'

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