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Thursday, 25 August 2011

todays colour is......

A house of girls plus dad you could be mistaken for thinking it's quite pink.
Well not at all, and then today I seem to be drawn to all things pink, and I'm quite enjoying it, mini1 is too, but minimini1 continues her long nap.

So we pegged the washing out and in fear of the weather turning like everywhere else seems to be i thought I'd capture the moment, also that was when I started feeling the love for the pink!
Glorious gladioli flowers from a special bud that fill me with cheer since the weekend and still looking great in beautiful bloom
Goggle eye cat named Pia by mini1 from Molly-Meg
Flower shots from the garden
Bright pink feathers that we seem to be getting through at a tremendous rate with all our cutting, making, gluing, sticking, tying...... 

So what is your colour of the day.....

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