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Friday, 13 July 2012

turned to a tea-pot and messyfish......

The morning routine always would include a pot of coffee, it still does just I'm not drinking it at the moment. I've turned to tea and it's usually a bag in a mug kind of approach, this changes through the day as fresh leaves get picked from the herb beds. This mornings find however has made me think I really need to do a pot of tea.....why?
Because check out this knitted gem by Etsy seller MessyFishDotCom
Padovimbro Tea Cosy

Here are more treats by this seller for those who are not big on tea just love a bit of quirky knitting....
Rabbit (Cushion)

And finally if knit doesn't rock your boat these gorgeous prints surely will..

Clown, print on paperBastet, print on paperNice Soup, print on paper

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