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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Sad to say this post again is related to the weather and unlike the blue post where the weather was not getting me now I'm now on the brink of changing my mind. The relentless wet weather seems to be not letting up and even when I look 5-10 days ahead there is the rain cloud symbol on each day. Despite the popularity of clouds in the creative world when it comes to the sky I'd love to blow them away, this is backed up by my two girls too!
Grey however can and is a gorgeous colour, and these fabulous finds back that thought up nicely!

If you like the colour grey check out an earlier post 'grey & happy'

                                                         gorgeous cats by Eszter Dobo

     Ett moln på golvet
 DIY cloud rug

Stool Birch
birch & wool stool from souk shop

Image of Nain à sentiments Masqué
super hero by poetic poesie

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