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Friday, 6 July 2012


I can't resist a post on blue following the yellow post a couple of weeks ago. Our mood is not blue in fact we are quite sunny today (inside) having done some lovely paintings with the girls and just now made a delicious cake for this afternoon's indoor treat.
No, I'm going with blue because of the relentless rain we are getting, today is set for the worst rainfall to date this 'summer' and although it sometimes feels a little draining our roses are very happy and these blue finds are beautiful....

Pascual  Etsy.Frida doll  Etsy.
Caracarmina (Etsy)


Old Bunny and Sailboat Stitched Pillow , via http://www.etsy.com/people/pipipompon/favorites
A needle In The Hay (Etsy)

cloud cuckOO designs
Claire Paveley

Cleo Ferin Mercury


  1. thank you, I'm feeling the need to do a little purchasing after these finds! hope you're well and having a good summer, wishes from a happy blue UK!


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