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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

transformer tuesday #16

Ok it's still Tuesday so this counts but i really didn't think I'd be posting today, it has been craaaazzzzyyyy.
I'm sure you can see this too by the very slap dash look of the super fast crafty transformer session. With oodles to do I didn't think I'd be TTing today but at breakfast the little lady pulled out a paper cup and said I'd like a pop up dolly please so 'Pop-Up Dolly' was hastily transformed whilst making breakfast, dressing, washing and attending to little ones and hubby and a dog.
For this look no time is required!!
Things you will need are:
- paper-cup
- drinking straw
- paper sweetie bag (fabric is great though if you have a free hand and time to stitch!)
- card and pens to doodle a face
- pipe cleaner and beads for arms and hands
- thread for hair
- tape

1 comment:

  1. Well done, that's so cute! I love the little bead hands. Will have to make one of these with my little girl. x


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