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Friday, 15 June 2012

Lucky Boy Sunday on Friday

I've posted with Lucky Boy Sunday links before but today I thought I'd pop a few of their delights altogether on one post as I just love them and must buy another addition soon. This Sunday Monday sees Bubble and they have exhibited before but sadly not this time. They do have some fab stockists though where you can pick up a LBS knit, cushion, house, garland or softie and what about this if you buy this weekend a LBS delight from the lovely Sisters Guild you can enjoy a discount too, (check your inbox, my email with details came through this morning, thanks Bekka and Carla)
So who's behing Lucky Boy Sunday and what's their story....
Danish designers Camilla and Camilla came up with Lucky Boy Sunday on a sunny Sunday in Copenhagen, a collection of friends, playthings and decoration that is utterly unique and beguiling. From their own version of a child's reality, characters such as Nulie and Sailor Jack will take you to another place with edgy design and top of the pop quality. The collections (2 a year) are made from 100% baby alpaca produced in Bolivia by very talented women who help to make Camilla and Camilla's dreams come true (and ours!)

Stanley DeLarge and Beauty Baby

Balthazar & Sailor Jack
Lucky Gift Kit

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