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Monday, 24 October 2011

transformer tuesday #11

Halloween week is upon us so we thought we'd make this week a transformer 2sday with double the crafting and making.
We are using some of our favourites; paper, gluppy glue, card and some garden finds.
For our halloween party we're focusing on the orange rather than the black so we've been making orange paper garlands, twiggy spider garlands and cardboard twig spiders.

we used:
- patterned papers
- gluppy glue
- scissors for cutting shapes
- thread

we used:
- garden twigs
- gluppy glue
- scissors for cutting shapes; round bodies and doughnut ring
- bakers twine
- clear nylon thread for hanging

Both of these cloud cuckoo crafty projects can be adapted for many occasion, birthdays, christmas and simply to just decorate, enjoy x

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