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Sunday, 23 October 2011

cosy houses

I've been thinking of a tent/hide-out/play/wendy house equivalent for the minimini1. On my search I got hooked into knit and I feel a project coming on (to fill in that spare time!)
As I was aware with the more recent knitted pieces in this post I was not familiar with this first knitters story, excellent job Alison.....

Back in 2007 knitting enthusiast Alison Murray went in, round, through and off to the max and created this fabulous knitted wonder house complete with knitted contents raising thousands for charity.The millions of stitches were made by hundreds of knitters from around the world. click to read full story

knitted house

More recently designer makers / artist knitters have come up with some amazing knitted houses that are loved by parents and filled with adventure and play for little ones; Donna Wilson has the delightful house blanket.

 Lucky Boy Sunday have their fabulous quirky knitted playhouse (on my wish list!)

And as for me and the minimini1 the project has started and I look forward to posting more in the near (as possible) future.

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