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Thursday, 20 October 2011

planting for spring colour

Yesterday we had a lovely time in the garden planting our bulbs ready for some springtime colour.
We made our name sticks as I know I will forget (but the onlooking squirrel will not!)
and mini1 very much enjoyed the stamper.

We soon got to the fun part digging 40 plus holes between 5 and 15cm deep dependending on what each bulbs person requirements were.
Mini1 was most happy as she said when 'taking off their jackets' I explained they needed to keep the crispy dry layer to keep them snug, she was warm enough and thought they'd be just fine too!

We picked the spots and look forward to spring time.....

Tall alliums against an original stone wall will be so pretty and the hyacinths is a pot will smell divine, chionodoxa coming up from the base of the tree will look so dainty and pretty and crocus around the large stones will be a happy contrast.

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