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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Wood you like to play...

You can't beat wooden toys, they last longer, they can get a bit bashed without breaking and when worn and well loved they still retain their beauty, just look at these and I'm sure you'll agree that wood is just the best!

Unto This Last our first purchase was elephant (even before children arrived!) their animals are great and now they do cars and numbers and letters too. Starting at just £3
Mamissima have great products including the dangly legged creations, £10
Cheekeyes have a whole range of wooden sets these dinosaurs i'm sure you'll agree are fab and with just a hint of colours to add a twist £24 set
Momoll is a favourite stop of mine with such gorgeous products and these animals are just amazing with interchangeable legs, ears and horns; creative and imaginative and hours of fun £52 set
Toypost  was a lovely surprise for me with these wheelie little fellows a playful snip at just £5.95
come on little ones how many 'wood' (hee-hee, okay sorry couldn't resist)  you like ? xx

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