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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Me Booty, Aye Aye

Well 'shiver me timbers' we've been pirate busy with our card range "I'm Going To Be...."
Captain rouge 'Happy Birthday' card £2.10 available here

Captain Noir 'Happy Birthday' card £2.10 available here

and especially with Rascal Rouge and Captain Noir, so much so that not only are are cards shipping out fast but individuals have liked these rascals so much we've been asked to do some commissioned pieces based around them for one off little peoples bedrooms.

The pirate theme is clearly rubbing off and today Mr Cuckoo brought the mini cuckoos a present; a set of pirate skittles by BigJig toys. I love them (as do the girls) and thought I'd share them them with you.

See more wooden toys from BigJig.

Finally I'm going to round off this pirate life post with a gorgeous pirate pillow find from the beautiful Lottie Da

Farewell me hearties, aye-aye !

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