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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Animals & a ride too

Animals have always been a big part of my life and inspiration, you'll see them popping into many (almost all) of our collections.
Yesterday we got close to lots of farm animals at the Welsh Agricultural Show. I found the show a great inspiration, the animals naturally, but also great boy themes with the amazing machinery. The flower and veg tent was fantastic and I was most impressed by the peas!
Of the animals the goats were the highlight, so elegant and beautiful as voiced by our little one. Second up was the cows, I really couldn't believe the size of some of the bulls, sadly these animals are not suitable to live with us but I found some that would be....
Rocking "Bent" by VILAC
The company Vilac set up in 1911, today the Vilac wooden toys are still made in a factory in the beautiful French Jura mountains. The toys are beautifully made, still partly by hand, and the rich, deep and bright colours are obtained by using a special lacquer in which they are dipped. This gorgous wooden rocking toy is so beautifully designed it could really occupy any room in our house.
Another cow not too big and still looking good would be the Wheelybug cow.
There are other animals to pick from mine have loved the ladybird and it has certainly been a great purchase, and such a fantastic price too, as these wheely friends start at £41

The sheep were varied, some skittish, some sleepy and some cheery and happy to receive the attention from our little ones. Out of all of them however there wasn't really one I'd have at home, but today however I have the one I'd love to give a home to.
This delightful soft sheep is by Jarrod Lim and I'm sure you'll agree this sheep is simply divine, you can feel the softness and happiness it would bring to little ones from this image.

Well I can't finish the post without a horse. The horses we saw yesterday were well groomed and shiny coated, the riders were equipped in fine attire and shiny boots too. My thoughts were with my dear friends N&J who look dashing when they're kitted out. Most often though i see a horse made of wood with one of my girls less elegantly clambering on. Here is one of our favourite modern wooden rocking horses perfect for the smaller rider.
The Arabian Rocking Horse by Plan toys, available from Funky Moose for less than £50 this would be another super purchase.

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