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Monday, 6 June 2011

What's in the bag?

Gathering the washing, tidying the toys, out for the day, hanging on the hook and looking jolly, and so many more uses for being thankful to our bags.
From the offset of putting together the textile collections at Cloud Cuckoo Designs I knew they must include a 'laundry bag / storage sack" and this was before I was a mum. I've always really liked and found a use for bags, storage sacks, boxes so there we had it they were in the collections.
Currently we have three bag designs; Owl, Robot Monkey & Kitty
and the responses we get are great, both adults and little ones use them for an array of things our personal ones at the moment are mostly occupied with laundry and toys with a recent added use being for our play-mats so they can be easily transported, it was actually a customer that purchased both together and let me know how useful they were 'together' and what a perfect fit the mat was inside the bag, they had found it super useful for their mother baby massage sessions and for home storage - I agree!
We have in-store and on-line stockists throughout the UK and overseas including YellowLolly, PiquantBaby for the complete collection you can visit here at our own cloud cuckoo designs on-line shop

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