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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

a chair, a cushion & a 1st birthday

Last week we celebrated my youngest daughters 1st birthday.
A house filled with delights for little girls created a problem when trying to pick a present for my not so little baby!
Loving her cuddles against cosy fabrics and softies I went on a cushion hunt and came across 'Lucky Boy Sunday' they have such great pieces and yes I found the perfect cushion; soft, quirky and a memorable 1st birthday gift.

The next thing to find was a UK stockist and Sisters Guild was the place, a great website for soooo many gifts and treats for yourself and others!

There we have it a gorgeous cosy cushion hand made in Bolivia from baby alpaca and also there is a slight resemblance to the eldest (red hair)
The size was perfect and having a bit of a thing for chairs I thought it a good opportunity to also buy the birthday girl her very first chair, the only place for this would be 'Molly-Meg' and yes I found the one, and what is also great the cushion fits perfectly on the open beak!

So the dilemma of a first birthday gift was solved and a happy day was had by all, she loves the cushion however I think we'll soon need another chair as big sis is finding it very comfy!

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