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Sunday, 20 March 2011

East Dulwich for Colour (Siecle & Cable)

As a resident of East Dulwich for many years i was chuffed when this small tired shop on Grove Vale transformed into a Siecle Paint Shop , a happy shop, where the colour inside will make you happy.
Not only can you go in chat to Simon and have an amazing range of colours to pick from you can also buy Coloured Cable
There have been times when I've been unable to make up my mind, fickle I have been heard a certain someone say, well if this is happening to you regarding lighting; ceiling, wall, floor, table light and you just cannot decide then this is what you should get...

this light on a cable can be positioned on a wall, hooked from the ceiling, along the floor, on a table and just looks amazing in these gorgeous colours.
The hardest thing is picking the colour :)

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