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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What We're Wearing Wednesday........Week 1

This post will come on all, some, or as many as I can Wednesdays and the first one is me!
A certain five year old thought she would have the first one but when I reminded her that she was wearing her summer uniform she decided she wanted to wait and pick a holiday Wednesday instead, shame really I quite like her uniform!
So Wednesdays wardrobe this week is me, and today I'm dressed in cobalt blue Nicole Farhi linen tunic with curved side splits, pockets which I love and knot fold detail at front.
Accessorised with one of my hand made neck pieces featuring fish flower and pompom, mushroom brogues with pink cotton petersham laces.
Hair in monkey buns! When mini1 first asked for monkey buns I had no idea what they were she says they are chunky curly hair buns, one each side (a bit Star Wars like if you ask me but much more nest like!)

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