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Friday, 12 April 2013

dOOdLe tWiGs

Always at the ready to up-cycle, recycle and re-use we have today given new life to our easter tree!
After dismantling the tree of feathers, chicks, paper flowers and mini pompom garlands we were left with white painted twigs which was just what we needed for our next project, in short doodled twigs, joined together to create letters and o e for each of the mini1's....
Mini1 the letter 'M'
Mini2 the letter 'C'
Mini3 the letter 'A'

As our twigs were already painted white we doodled with felt pens but if you wish to use natural unpainted twigs then colourful (or white) poster or acrylic paint would be great for doodling.

Doodle twigs are great fun and can be transformed into all kinds of letters, objects or left as twigs, we will be bringing more as they proved to be lots of fun.

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