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Saturday, 23 March 2013

easTer bOnneTs

So mini1 came home yesterday with the easter bonnet letter in her book bag..... next Tuesday there will be an easter bonnet competition and egg hunt.
"We must make it now mummy, now, quick,"
Well yes we need to be zippy with it but Friday night was not the time instead we had a rummage in our craft cupboard for pipe cleaners, pom-poms, tissue paper and chicks and then up to the dressing up box for a hat and down to the cellar for the hot glue gun. All was then ready for when the time was right (before Tuesday) to get this hat done and paraded.

Today was not really going to be the bonnet making day as we had plans to go to a lovely party but mini mini1 had a bad croup attack and all plans have changed, so what better than be jolly making tissue paper flowers, nests and a jolly hat..... here is the bonnet and a cheery chickie one too currently being modelled by Lennie!

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