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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

fabulous prints, great studios, happy designers

These three go together, they're the perfect trio and also exactly what you need when finding good prints for products.
In my many years of designing for small brands, big brands, niche, high street and studios where you're not always in the know as to who the client is and what the end product will be I've always been fortunate to be happy in what I'm doing.
Well with the time of year turning to trade shows again it's a busy time for designers and studios getting together all their prints ready to sell sell sell!
Here are some snippets from studio Cinnamon Joe, they have a jolly diverse portfolio and have taken on fresh talent in the past few months if you like any of these sneak peaks or anything on their website just give them a call, they're happy to chat and lovely too.

copyright 2012 cinnamon joe studio

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