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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

transformer tuesday #13

There has been lots of collage designs recently being designed cut and stuck recently and as the Mini1 always see what I'm up to in the studio Mini1 has been enjoying it so much and wanting to do her own, it's such a lovely way to create new creatures and friends, buildings and cities....
Yes there is another big plus as this cutting and sticking involves recycling again, so get your boxes, papers, and ideas at the ready to cut, stick and create some jolly wall art....

We used:
- recycled boxes, cut into shapes
- patterned papers
- gluppy glue
- scissors

This is what we had when we stuck our long panels together and they transformed a plain wall into Mini1's 'come alive jungle'
Our next collage is a big one to contrast with some of our favourite little framed ones, woohoo lets get cutting and transforming .......

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